Frequently Asked Questions


1. I already have an accountant, is it going to be difficult to switch?

It's really easy to change accountants.  All I need are the details of your current accountant, I contact them directly and arrange for them to transfer your records directly to me.


2. I think I can do the bookkeeping myself, how difficult is it?

This depends on the complexity of your business and how much time you have available.  If you are comfortable doing this yourself, I can use your records to prepare your annual accounts and tax return.  Lots of clients prefer to hand this all over to me and free up their time, others prefer to do it themselves.  This is a personal choice.


3.  Help! HMRC are investigating my records - I'm worried I've done something wrong.

Firstly, don't panic!  HMRC conduct a number of regular audits, so it's nothing personal.  I can help either by auditing your records before the HMRC investigation or can liaise with HMRC on your behalf.


4.  Why are your fees so cheap compared to other accountants?

This is a combination of running the busines from my home address (keeping costs lower) and streamlining processes so business is operated in a more efficient manner.  You are assured of a quality service, just with a lower price tag.